Maruti Driving School

Maruti Driving School

Gear up for a Safer Drive!

Safe driving on today’s roads require a higher level of confidence and competence than ever before. The reasons for it are manifold. Bad roads, poor traffic planning , untrained drivers and exponentially increasing number of vehicles, to name just a few. So, are you geared up for safe driving today?

Maruti Driving School (MDS) has been establishes with the goal to provide the best motor driving training in the country. The purpose is to impart not just better driving skills but also better awareness towards overall road safet. Backed by India no.1 car manufacturer - Maruti Suzuki, MDS is dedicated to making Indian roads safer by helping learners became smart and responsible motorists

All this simply means that the more you practice while learning, the more confidence you gain to drive safely afterwards.

The Course level varies from Beginner to Advanced. Our popular courses are as follows:

  • Learners Course
  • Advance Course -1
  • Advance Course -2
  • Refresher Course
  • Defensive Driving Course

Besides these, MDS also has specialized courses on defensive driving skill set, night driving and other customized courses for corporate executives and professional drivers. MDS provides you different courses to help learn, enhance and build upon your driving skills and confidence. Chose the one that suits your requirements. And get ready to become a safe motorist for life.

About MDS

MDS offers variety of courses to meet customer requirements. They may choose among our courses based on their:

MDS has almost all the models in its stable to offer for practical training.


MDS offers courses ranging from 2hrs to 30 hrs. Based on training requirements and availability of time, customers may choose any course.

Training requirements

  • Whether they need comprehensive training from the scratch, or
  • they need to gain confidence while driving under able guidance, or
  • they need to gain knowledge related to road safety, driving and traffic from reliable instructors, or
  • if you want to learn driving before purchasing or upgrading to a new car